As the company grew, we expanded our scope to include large scale civil works to capitalise on the mining infrastructure boom. We were involved in delivery of large concrete assets at various LNG processing plants across Australia, in so doing, we were involved in and expanded our knowledge of marine construction processes.


Upon identifying an impending slow down in both the mining infrastructure and bulk water sectors, we adopted a strategy to bring our knowledge to service a gap in the local marine industry by providing professional turnkey solutions for the upkeep, repair and/or replacement of waterfront assets across SEQ.

The strategy has proven successful, resulting In Cobalt Civil adopting marine works as its core business through industry recognition as a reputable, reliable contractor that delivers quality work at a reasonable price.

We look forward to what the future holds and our continued effort to embrace new opportunities as they arise.

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Cobalt Civil was initially founded in order to provide stakholders of South East Quensland's aging water infrastructure with a one stop, turnkey solution to rehabilitate key water infrastructure assets. In so doing, we secured a reputation for implementing inovative solutions to technical issues while keeping programs on time and within budget.

Marine Contracting and Construction